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About me

A single guy who wants to seek more in life then work.So I started a solo journey with a boat that I bought cheaply and which I'm refitting at the moment with cheap Chinese products, The best they can provide, still very cheap !

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Escaping the rat race, as fast as we can ;)





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Kermit the sticker, he's never further away then 1 meter, very sticky ;) ;)

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Frequently Ask Questions

What for boat you have?

It's a Dehler Delanta 76AK from 1975, the year I was born.

How big is your boat?

It's a very small 25 foot sailboat with an kabin in the back, that's what the AK stands for. Aft Kabin

What size is 25 foot in EU?

It's around 7.60 meter. And he's around 11m high

What engine do you have?

I'll check the exact type and brand, but I know it's a 8 horse power single cylinder diesel engine. It's only using around a liter an hour and can get me up to 5knots of speed, wich is near the maximum speed of the boat itself!

What is your sailing experience?

I can be very brief about that, none ;)

Do you plan to cross oceans?

Not for the upcomming shorttime, what the future brings, I don't know! And i don't want to know ;)


Quit simple, I want to escape the rat race, BADLY. I hated my life and more important, my future. Our gouvernment took every prospective away, working upto our 6 boards, is not my plan.

Are you crazy?

Certainly yes! No doubt! Nobody wil say, no!

Why Sailing Nerdiasme

That's for you to find out, I'm trying my best to provide the best video's about my life in the boat and the preparation.

  • Learning
  • Adventure
  • the unknown
  • I like Youtube
  • Love to learn

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